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I'm Gary Meyer. I'm a product and UX designer currently focused on moving back into the product world. Over the last eight years, I’ve worked in the world of consulting where I worked with organizations small and large and on products simple to complex.


I’m a design generalist. I thoroughly enjoy each stage of the product lifecycle - research, interviews, product strategy, design iterations, visual design, branding, and design ops.

I speak the language. I’m not going to be a good fit if you expect designers to write code, but I know enough to be dangerous, and to communicate clearly and efficiently with the dev teams I collaborate with.

I am active in my local UX community. I organized a leading UX meetup (the local chapter of IxDA) for three years, and have continued to participate in other events after the dissolution of that group.

I studied Industrial Design in college. We were steeped in the process of Design Thinking, and have found that almost all of the experience of design physical products transfers directly to designing digital ones.

Outside of work, I’m a passionate digital and film photographer, amateur pitmaster, woodworker, and bartender, and lover of film, midcentury modern design, and our orange cats Chickpea and Lentil.

I've worked with a whole bunch of great companies in my career

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I also maintain a list of recommended restaurants, bars, and points of interest for Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas. Check it out!

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