Guiding users through using their slow-injection pharmaceutical device
Alignment, Experience design, Interface design, and Interaction design for BD
Q1 2018
UX & Motion Design
8 weeks
The Challenge

Create a cross-platform mobile app that guides a user, often with higher accessibility requirements, through the setup, pairing, application, and delivery of their medication by way of BD's new delivery device


I created a fully documented high fidelity user flow, complete with animations. The animations were used to film a promotional video for the product announcement. Ultimately, our team built out the application and delivered it to the client.


Individuals with illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis are sometimes prescribed a long-term medication that needs to be injected into the patient on a regular basis. BD is introducing a line of medication delivery products that adhere to the patient's body for the duration of the slow injection of the medication.The concept of an injection device that adheres to the patient's body is very new to patients. BD informed us that many of the people that will use this device are elderly people, many of whom have very little technical literacy. Also, most users will fear the device to some extent, especially the first time they apply it since they don't know what it will feel like to actually insert the integrated hypodermic needle.The team also had a rapidly approaching deadline. They intended to show a demo video of the product and app in use, and then have an initial version of the full product available to demo later on.


I worked with a UX Architect to design the product, worked with our mobile development team to implement the designs, and also worked closely with the client to ensure proposed designs met their user's needs, and that their product was accurately reflected in the app.

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Case Study

The app was developed and deployed in time for BD to show off their full product offering for the whole solution at an important conference for their market. They reported back to us enthusiastic that people reacted positively to the product, but even more so, to the app. The product owner at BD told us he will be coming directly to us to white label the tool when a pharmaceutical company buys the rights to it.

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