Reducing the complexity of caring for houseplants
CoFounding, vision, research, product design, brand & identity work for a side project.
Side Project
2019 - 2021
CoFounder, All creative roles
2 years, off and on
The Challenge

I own a lot of houseplants, and it seems like every spring, my collection grows even more. The problem is that each plant I buy comes with its own unique set of requirements for proper care. When I had a small handful of plants, memory may have been enough to keep track of when to water, fertilize, prune, propagate, and re-pot each. Greenthumb is the app to help keep your green friends healthy and happy.


The desired output was the actually launch a working app to the both app stores. Unfortunately, we did not reach this goal.


Since this is a side project, all efforts on this project were in addition to our normal day jobs, had no funding, and were also primarily used as a method of trying out new tools and technologies. This was the first time our team had worked on gathering or refining data, engineering content, or using tools like React Native and Google Firebase.


I worked with two friends and colleagues who were both Senior Software Developers.

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Case Study

Greenthumb is currently under development, with a beta release expected before the end of Q2 2019, and a general access release on both mobile app stores before the end of Q4 2019

### Update

As of mid-2020, Greenthumb is officially no longer under development, and we consider it to be abandoned.

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