Creating a new brand when three companies merge
Workshops, logo design, & brand identity for Lighthouse Lab Services
Lighthouse Lab Services
Q2 2019
Lead designer and facilitator
8 weeks
The Challenge

Design a new brand with a mark and a wordform, create new brand guidelines, design a new website, and help the new Lighthouse's admin staff usher in the new brand.


I created a new logo system, synthesized the brand identity from facilitated workshops, and ultimately created a brand guidelines document.


Lighthouse Recruiting was one of three lighthouse themed companies operating in the clinical lab technician space. The three companies didn't have much overlap in their brand recognition within their market. They came to Cardinal Solutions asking us to help them rebrand and deploy a new website that would include content for all three sub-companies.


I worked closely with the two owners of the companies and with the admin staff. I facilitated conversations, activities, and feedback sessions directly with the client for the duration of the project.


I started off meetings by facilitating a conversation with the two owners and the admin staff of the overall company to determine who the brand is, where they see themselves going, learning about the lighthouse personality, and the other emotive information that is so valuable to a branding exercise.

Using the insights and direction gathered from the initial discussions, I dove into sketching ideation.

After each round of iterations, we narrowed down the number of options, and moved closer to a final design. After three rounds of ideation, we settled on this direction.

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