Redesigning a decade-old, content-heavy website
Discovery, alignment, & website design for
Q2 2023
Assistant Researcher, Lead UX Design, Visual Design
8 weeks
The Challenge

Overhaul and refresh an 11 year old, content-heavy website so that it reflects the organization’s actual technical capabilities and reinforces that they are a future-thinking brand.


I created a robust set of OOUX-based wireframes with prioritization, detailed web page design mockups, updated branding documentation, and additional assets to assist the organization in implementing the designs.


The Material Handling Industry of America (MHI) is a non-profit organization that serves as the largest hub of information for the material handling, logistics, and supply chain industries in the United States. Their website hosts a massive library of content about these industries ranging from press releases and marketing material to industry standards documents and fundamental educational material. MHI additionally functions as a neutral marketplace for practitioners to find different vendors.


Our team consisted of a Principal UX Designer, myself as a Senior UX Designer, a Business Analyst, and a Project Manager, as well as Client stakeholders and project management.

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Case Study

At the end of the engagement, the client was really happy with the work we did for them. The information architecture work created some buzz between the stakeholders, and the new visual design approach definitely had many of the members of the client very excited.

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