Rebranding a business attempting to break in to a niche scientific research product industry
Logo and brand design for Practichem
Q4 2016
Brand Designer
Low priority project over 1 month
The Challenge

Create a new logo for the brand that would convey the contemporary capabilities of the company and its technology while conveying a concept of bioscience, or more specifically, the process of chromatography.


Logo files, updated brand guidelines documentation, and a plan for how to integrate the new branding into the company’s products moving forward.


The logo that existed for the majority of Practichem's existence presented the company with less professionality that it really was, and completely lacked the sense of cutting edge, contemporary technology that we were building every day. The company desperately needed a branding update to convey the full concept of what Practichem and its products could be.


For this initiative, I took on the task on my own. I petitioned my coworkers and the company administration to officially sanction a logo redesign project for months and eventually won them over.

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Case Study

Unfortunately, I was only able to sell the company owner on Concept 2 a few short weeks before the company went under.


Practichem is apparently coming back, and is using the logo and mark in Concept 2!

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