Conceptual business to Uber-ify heavy equipment rental
Vision, Alignment, Market Research, Product design, Visual design, and Experience design for Eagle Engineering
Eagle Engineering
Q1 2020
Researcher, UX Analysis, UI Designer
4 weeks
The Challenge

The client came to us with a business idea and industry knowledge. He asked us to explore the idea, research the industry on our own, and provide guidance and materials he could take to find investors.Extract product concepts from business owner's brain, generate concepts and plans, and create beginnings of a deck to use for pitch meetings


When we started the project, the understood output was a set of screens and some research. By the end of the engagement, the list of deliverables had grown to include the beginning of a pitch deck, more screens than initially agreed on, and research information included in the deck.


The process for this project was short and the scope and intent were ill-defined.


Since this was a Visioning engagement, the team consisted of myself and a UX Researcher, a Dev Architect, and and Project Manager/Business Analyst

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Case Study

My team and I presented the client with the proposal deck we created which included research findings, product roadmap documentation, user flows, and the high fidelity mockups. The whole project was conducted with the intent that this was a purely exploratory project, and that the actual product may end up looking and working completely different, based on actual user research, iterative design, and feedback from real users. Even with all of those caveats, the client seemed very excited by the designs we all put together, and was especially engaged about the hifi mockups.

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